Showcase Saturday: Neo Theme

Published on Sep 24, 2011   //  Showcase Saturday

The best option for your WordPress blog is to get a custom theme, but this may not always be practical or affordable. Thankfully, there are literally thousands of free themes for you to consider. Neo Theme is one of the newer ones to hit the block.

Released earlier this year, the Neo WordPress theme is quite clean in its layout, but is very robust in its feature set. Its basic color scheme is silver and grey, but there are some nice spots of light blue too. There is a featured post slider toward the top, as well as several custom social media icons embedded “behind” that.

Below that is the main content area where your blog posts will be shown. The date is highlighted to the left. Just below the post title are your categories and tags, as well as a space for an image or ad placement. The four 125×125 ad blocks in the sidebar provide good monetization opportunities too.

Check out the screenshot of Neo WordPress Theme on Web Design Lessons, which is also where you can find the links for a live demo and a free download.

Showcase Saturday: Brand New Day

Published on Sep 17, 2011   //  Showcase Saturday

Don’t you wish you could have an easy way to have fundamentally the same design and layout for your WordPress theme, but to also have the ability to make huge aesthetic changes in the click of a mouse? The Brand New Day theme might be the ticket.

While this is a single theme that you only need to upload and install once, it comes in four different “flavors” depending on what you want to do. These include day, night, autumn and winter. You can see how this would be great for changing things up as the seasons progress throughout the year.

The theme will change some of its graphics and color scheme to go along with each of the flavors. You’ll also find lots of options for configuring your sidebar arrangements, as well as working out narrow and wide columns. The them is fun and whimsical, making it great for a lighter-hearted blog.

Check out the screenshots at There is also a live demo and the free download link at, as usual.

Showcase Saturday: Triton Lite

Published on Sep 10, 2011   //  Showcase Saturday

You want a clean, yet very visual theme for your WordPress site or blog? An option that you might want to consider is Triton Lite, which is available as a free download.

Triton Lite has been designed to be an all-in-one WordPress theme, working with all sorts of different applications. It is appropriate for all kinds of blogs, as well as company websites, portfolio sites, and more. There is a slider at the top, plus several “featured post” areas below that with thumbnail images.

The theme comes preloaded with three fonts, two patterns, custom widgets, easy to use shortcodes hard-coded into the post editor, multi-level dropdown menus, and more. You’ll also notice the social buttons, easy theme options, and Gravatar support. It also helps that it is a one-click install with no plugins needed.

Check out the live demo of the Triton Lite WordPress theme, then head over to the developer’s site to get at the free download link.

Showcase Saturday: Custom Community

Published on Sep 3, 2011   //  Showcase Saturday

There is just something soft and delicate about the Custom Community WordPress theme from Theme Kraft. It’s wonderfully understated in its tones, yet it offers a robust feature set that is suitable for a wide range of blogs and other sites.

All three of the predefined color schemes continue this “softer” approach to the appearance, giving a clean and simple design that is automatically pleasing to the eye. The jQuery slideshow at the top of the content area helps to showcase you rowrk, while the magazine style layout beneath gives a professional and accessible appearance too.

Like so many other pro-level themes these days, Custom Community doesn’t require you to have any prior coding knowledge. This is because many of the changes for the theme can be done through the WordPress Theme Options panel, including the placement of sidebars and the colour for the background.

More information can be found on A live preview and the free download link, as usual, can be accessed through the Free Themes Directory on

Showcase Saturday: Blocks Theme

Published on Aug 27, 2011   //  Showcase Saturday

When it comes to WordPress, you have many different options for many different looks. Whether you want a more casual-looking theme for a personal blog or a more corporate-looking site for an online store, there is a WordPress theme out there to suit your needs.

One theme that recently hit the web is Blocks. It carries a very simple, but functional layout that can work for a range of niches and site types. As its name implies, the theme features several squared off edges and clear definition between the sections.

There is a single sidebar on the left where you can add your widgets, like the search bar, list of recent comments, archive listing, and ad code. The footer is also widget enabled with four separate areas. The primary color scheme is black, blue, and orange, but you can easily change that by slightly altering the code.

Check out the live preview and then go to Empty Nest Themes to access the free download link.

Showcase Saturday: San Kloud Theme

Published on Aug 20, 2011   //  Showcase Saturday

There are so many different WordPress themes out there, both free and paid, that there is bound to be one that is the perfect fit for the kind of site that you want to run. A fun option is the San Kloud theme that recently popped up on the Internet.

As its name implies, the theme is meant to mirror the look of a sunny day. The default configuration gives you the same kind of light blue that you would get on a clear day and each of the individual components look like fluffy clouds floating in this sky. This includes the content, as well as the sidebar and the header image.

What’s great is that the theme comes pre-loaded with several different color schemes, so if the light and bright look isn’t for you, this can easily be switched. Main navigation is located above the header image, with the single sidebar on the right providing the rest of the pertinent info you’d like to include. The 3D-like effect for each content bubble adds an interesting dynamic too.

Find the San Kloud Theme as a free download in the Free Themes Directory on There is a live preview available there too, giving you a sense of what you can expect under the default settings.

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