cPanel and WHM Accelerated 2

Published on Oct 15, 2009   //  News Worthy

cPanel/WHM 11.25 code name Accellerated 2 is out and there are some nice new features and cosmetic changes to note.

  • Improved security features such as security tokens and cPHulk upgrades.
  • Enhanced IMAP support for mobile devices.
  • Optimized Apache update and restart services.
  • Cleaner and more streamlined interface in WHM and cPanel to allow for quicker loading and faster use.

I know for the longest time that customers have asked to be able to edit their own DNS. Before this could only be done by our staff. The new version of cPanel puts that control in your own hands. Careful to play with it though as you can mess up your  site too if your not sure how to use it then I suggest you don’t.

Bellow you can see some of the screen shots of the new features and changes to WHM/cPanel.



All these new updates will be pushed out over the next few weeks to all our shared servers.

If you have a dedicated server and wish to upgrade yourself login via root to ssh and type /scripts/upcp –force.

Blogathon Sponsored Posts

Published on Jul 29, 2009   //  News Worthy

If you were following me on twitter you saw that I was a part of blogathon. I wrote 41 Social Media 101 posts on my blog on my site all of which were or can still be sponsored. The one’s below shown as Taken are no longer available. Those that are not taken yet can be sponsored for a $25 donation to Team Diabetes. Contact me after you donate or tweet me through twitter to let me know which page you wish to sponsor. Your link will be available on the blog for life so it’s a pretty good deal for a $25 donation.

Social Media 101 – Create an Account Taken

Social Media 101 – Setting Your Profile Taken

Social Media 101 – Creating a Background

Social Media 101 – Updating Your Avatar Taken

Social Media 101 – Hunting for Business on Twitter Taken

Social Media 101 – Scheduling Tweets

Social Media 101 – Hooking in Your Blog

Social Media 101 – Tweetups

Social Media 101 – Reclaiming Your DM

Social Media 101 – Being Retweated

Social Media 101 – Ping.fmTaken

Social Media 101 – Taken

Social Media 101 – Future of Sp@m

Social Media 101 – Tweet After Purchase Link

Social Media 101 – Twitpic

Social Media 101 – Pulling in Content

Social Media 101 – Twitter Poll

Social Media 101 – iPhone Applications

Social Media 101 – Blackberry Applications

Social Media 101 – Google Killer

Social Media 101 – Twitter Coupons

Social Media 101 – Twitter Verified

Social Media 101 – April Fools

Social Media 101 –

Social Media 101 – YouTube

Social Media 101 – YouTube Experiment

Social Media 101 – Tube Toolbox

Social Media 101 – Hummingbird

Social Media 101 – Facebook Friend Adder

Social Media 101 – I 0wN3d UR Tw33T5

Thank You My Sponsors

Published on Jul 26, 2009   //  News Worthy

I just wanted to send out a big thank you to all my sponsors for blogathon. All of you have made it worth it to stick with blogging for 24 hours. 

I hope everyone enjoyed the content that was produced and can use it for there own social media plans. I reached 57% of my goal as of this post. Help me reach 100% of my goal.

If you were planning on sponsoring but could not get around to it you can continue to do so up to 24 hours after blogathon is over by posting a pledge.

Once the 24 hours is over I will update this post with those that sponsored blogathon below.

[list of sponsors]

Meet Some People Who Live With Diabetes – Guest Post from @buzzbishop

Published on Jul 25, 2009   //  News Worthy

teamdiabetesbuzzNo one in my family is diabetic. None of my direct friends is diabetic. So why do I support Team Diabetes?

I’ll be honest, it was the lure of exotic travel and completing marathons in places like Easter Island, Iceland and Rio de Janeiro that got me interested in the beginning, then I started to learn more about the disease and the people living with it.

I met Kerri Morrone Sparling through Twitter. She’s a type 1 diabetic and works for some diabetes organizations in the US. Reading her blog about living with diabetes has opened my eyes to the complicated lives diabetics must lead.

There was a line for lunch. Four cashiers were working furiously, but the low was creeping up just as fast and my legs were beginning to buckle.

“I need orange juice. I’m diabetic and having a low blood sugar. Can you please help me as quickly as you can?” I stood there in my work clothes and my coat, with my grown-up purse over my arm and started to cry because I couldn’t function properly and I was becoming more and more confused. Not sobbing, not whining, not outwardly breaking down, but big tears rolled out of my eyes without permission and headed for my jawline.

The boy behind the counter was taken aback. “Stay here. Stand here. I’ll be right back. Don’t move.” He ran and returned with a glass of juice. I moved toward him like goldfish in a pond going for crumbs of bread.

He watched as I drank the entire glass without stopping, knowing that people in line were watching me and staring and I couldn’t bring myself to care.
“You sure you’re okay? Do you want to sit for a minute?” A guy waiting in line mumbled something about ‘flirting on your own time.’ CounterBoy raised an eyebrow. “Sir, this is a medical emergency. I just saved her life. Your sandwich? Little less important at the moment, okay?”

Diabetes is caused when your pancreas stops managing your blood sugar properly through the production of insulin. That can then lead to a littany of other problems in your body from nerve damage to heart disease to blindness.

There are three main types of diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes, usually diagnosed in children and adolescents, occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone that ensures body energy needs are met. Approximately 10 per cent of people with diabetes have type 1 diabetes.

The remaining 90 per cent have type 2 diabetes, which occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body does not effectively use the insulin that is produced. Type 2 diabetes usually develops in adulthood, although increasing numbers of children in high-risk populations are being diagnosed.

Gestational diabetes, is a temporary condition that occurs during pregnancy. It affects approximately 3.7 per cent of all pregnancies (in the non-Aboriginal population) and 8 – 18 per cent of all pregnancies (in the Aboriginal population), and involves an increased risk of developing diabetes for both mother and child.

Getting to know Kerri through the internet has given the cause a personal touch for me. Having children has made me realize that I haven’t yet escaped the touch of diabetes. Kerri didn’t discover it until she was 6, my son is only 2. Jen is pregnant with our second child, so she could be at risk, and I’m a man – the highest risk group for contracting Type 2 diabetes.

Research from the UK found that among 35-54 Britons, Type 2 diabetic men outnumbered Type 2 diabetic women by nearly 2-1. The causes? Poor diet and a lazy lifestyle, which is why I’m on Team Diabetes. The cause is now personal.

Buzz Bishop is the cohost of The Rush on Virgin Radio Vancouver and an ambassador for Team Diabetes. He has run marathons in Iceland and Easter Island and is next headed with Team Diabetes to Rio in June 2010. Follow Buzz on twitter.

Blogathon Radio Online

Published on Jul 24, 2009   //  News Worthy

24 hours of bloging requires tunage.

As 200 or so of my fellow bloggers get ready to blog for blogathon I have put online blogathon radio for 2009. The radio will run for 24 hours during blogathon taking requests through twitter. Send me @bluefur with a request and I will try my best to play it.

Want to put a commercial on blogathon radio? Donate to either’s Blogathon charity or Thinkreferrals charity and you can have your commercial in the mix running on the radio. Supply your 15 second commercial in mp3 format to me at after you have donated.

To listen you can do so here…

Windows Media Player

Real Player


Blogathon Sponsored Posts

Published on Jul 24, 2009   //  News Worthy

Blogathon is less then 24 hours away and my goal for this year is to raise $1000 for Team Diabetes. I will be witting 48 posts on this blog in regards to social media. Most of the topics will be about twitter but I do have some topics that I would like to cover for facebook and youtube.

To achieve my goal I will be adding a sponsored link to each post. I have already sold 2 links for my posts so I have 46 posts left. Make a donation of $25 or more to Team Diabetes and then comment or tweet me that you just donated with your email and I will contact you in regards to which site you want linked to.

This blog gets over 3 million views a year so sponsoring a post is a good idea.

What are you waiting for? Go and sponsor now.

Note – No adult orientated sites will be accepted as sponsored posts
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