In The Sphere: All About Google Plus

Published on Jul 8, 2011   //  In the Sphere

The revolution has begun. While Wave and Buzz didn’t quite catch on, Google+ (also known as Google Plus or G+) is really creating quite the stir in social media circles. Let’s see what the bloggers have to say about it.

Darren Barefoot starts off by asking how Google can finally win with Google+. While part of it may have to do with improved security, it’s the integrated pervasiveness with other Google products that could give Google+ the leg-up it needs. Will it catch on and stick around?

Michael Martine is next up with a very simple question: Should you use Google+? We’re already inundated with maintaining our accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on, so should we really be adding yet another social network into the mix? Or perhaps you should delete your Facebook account and migrate completely?

Deborah Ng gets you off to a great start on the new platform by offering 10 Google+ tips. You’ll want to take advantage of your circles, check out the apps, and “mute” the posts you don’t want to see. Updating your privacy settings are a very good idea too.

Chris Brogan continues with improving your Google+ experience by reminding you that conversations matter. This isn’t only for the human connections that can gain and foster, but also because Google+ gives more “weight” to the updates with more activity. You want to be seen, right?

Ray Ebersole ends this weeks blogotour by expanding the scope just a little. He has some pointers for using Google’s new minimalist look. This includes Google+, but it also involves the new looks for Gmail and Google Calendar as well. What do you think about having all that extra white space?

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