In The Sphere: Deliver the Spot Prawn

Published on Jun 10, 2011   //  In the Sphere

There is always something new to read on the web, so we’ve sifted through to find some great posts to add to your list for the weekend.

Robert Park takes us on a journey through the past, describing the startups he didn’t deliver. All too often, we hear about the success stories of new companies; now, let’s take a look at the flip side and see why these startups failed to launch (and what Robert learned along the way).

Thursday Bram has a post on MoneyNing that’s just in time for all those summer barbecues you plan on hosting. Check out her tips on how to save money on parties without resorting the usual potluck scenario. What about an event without food?

Enkay Blog continues on the food theme with his take on the Epic Meal Time YouTube series. What happens when a guy that’s a little too enthusiastic about adding more bacon, more bacon, and more bacon documents his gastronomic endeavors for all to see? Epicness, that’s what.

Jan Ozer is a guest expert on Reel SEO and he offers the perfect segway from the Epic Meal Time post: the most important aspect to video quality online is your bits per pixel value. It’s not necessarily about resolution or framerate, per se, but rather a combination of the two along with the amount of data dedicated to each second of video.

Last and certainly not least we have Melody Fury celebrating a special BC delicacy around this time of year. She lets us know about the joys of sucking on the heads of spot prawns and freezing the bodies. Not too many people are interested in the heads, but are they missing out?

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