In The Sphere: No Fooling

Published on Apr 1, 2011   //  In the Sphere

Yes, I realize that today is April Fool’s Day and you’ve probably already been bombarded by more than a couple of ruses. So, we’re keeping this roundup straight. Enjoy!

Emily Guy Birken starts us off with a list of ways to easily get free stuff. There’s no better way to save money than not to spend any money at all, right? The best part is that these avenues are totally legitimate.

John Biehler takes a moment to recap the epic roadtrip he took to attend SXSW 2011. Being the photographer than he is, it’s not surprising that John is doing a big part of his recap through pictures. Looks like a great time!

Thursday Bram is tired of it and she can’t take it anymore. She says that the starviing writer mindset has to come to an end. There are many writers who make a very healthy living working from home and it’s time that this myth be busted.

John M. Grohol approaches a very modern conundrum. We think that we are doing more by doing more things at the same time, but are we? He explores how well we multitask between the TV and the computer and, well, we don’t do it very well at all.

Buzz Bishop closes up this week’s roundup by telling us the true value of Twitter: eavesdropping. This isn’t for personal accounts, but for businesses interested in Twitter, brand monitoring is easily one of the most powerful utilities available to marketing managers.

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