In The Sphere: On and Off the Web

Published on Mar 4, 2011   //  In the Sphere

The blogosphere is a wonderfully varied place with wonderfully varied articles. Here are a few from the week that was.

Therese Borchard offers some interesting advice on how to leave your job. If you’re not satisfied with the rat race (or you want to get into a different race), the seven suggested solutions should help you put the wheels in motion, hopefully pointing in the right direction.

Travis King recognizes that different tools are needed for just about any professional. With his review of Blinksale, he offers insight into whether the invoicing service is a good option for the many entrepreneurs and small business owners in the audience.

Simon Mackie follows up on the recent debacle at Google by letting readers know how to back up their Gmail accounts. You want to have proper recourse should you suddenly lose all those messages and contacts. This is just one method, of course, but it gives you a good plan of action should the cloud fail on you.

Jenny Dean has a guest post published on Problogger’s site, outlining how you can brand your YouTube channel to your blog’s benefit. Far too many people leave the default configuration the way it is; they’re leaving viewers (and potentially revenue) on the table.

Rebecca Bollwitt decided to celebrate her five-year wedding anniversary with a staycation in Richmond. More specifically, she and her husband went for a short trip to historic Steveston, engaging in a fun and inspiring scavenger hunt.

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