Great Gadgets: Glove Box Battery Jumper

Published on Feb 28, 2011   //  Gadgets

Great Gadgets: Glove Box Battery JumperGreat Gadgets: Glove Box Battery Jumper

It’s a frustration that many a car owner has experienced at some point in his or her driving lifetime. You stick the key into the ignition, give it a turn, and get nothing but noise. Or even no noise at all. Great, another dead battery.

You could call up roadside assistance and wait a couple hours for them to arrive. You could grab a typical battery booster pack, but that means you need to pop open the hood in the cold outside. You could ask for a jump from a friendly neighbor, but that requires going outside too.

Much simpler than any of these solutions is the Glove Box Battery Jumper. As its name implies, this product is small enough to fit in your glove compartment. Simply plug it into your 12V outlet and it’ll trickle charge your car battery in about ten minutes. Give the ignition a go and you’ll be back on the road.

This means you never have to leave the driver’s seat. When you are back on the road, flip the switch to reverse the current, and your car’s battery can be used to recharge the internal battery on this jumper. Pretty neat. Find it at Hammacher Schlemmer for $34.95.

BlueFur Customer of the Week: Dean Salon

Published on Feb 27, 2011   //  BlueFur Customer of the Week

If you want to get in shape, you might want to hire a personal trainer. If you want to look good, you probably want to go to a professional in that realm. You might want to turn to the experts at Dean Salon.

The Toronto business serves as the BlueFur customer of the week. They offer more than ten years of experience and have won several industry awards. The salon has also worked on several film and television consultations.

As a salon, it’s not surprising that hair cuts are among the services offered by Dean Salon. Beyond basic cuts, the salon also offers hair coloring, hair highlights, perms, and hair treatments,
as well as European aesthetics like facials, manicures, pedicures, and waxing.

Do you use BlueFur to host your websites? Let us know and we can feature you in a future blog post. Send an email message to with your name, website URL, and a brief description of what you’d like to see highlighted.

Showcase Saturday: Tyler Theme

Published on Feb 26, 2011   //  Showcase Saturday

Sometimes, you want to have an exuberant color palette for your site. That may be appropriate for certain artists and other industries. Other times, you want to keep the color palette as simple as possible. For those times, the Tyler theme might be a good choice.

This black and white them allows for multiple layouts, including the ability to upload and use custom headers, custom navigation menus, and more. The default layout features three columns with a large header area.

Naturally, both of the sidebars on Tyler are completely widget-ready, so it should be easy enough to customize with category listings, archive lists, custom advertising placements, blogroll links and so on. The clean lines and seemingly simple appearance appeal to minimalists.

More information can be found through the developer’s site. Download the theme for free from

In The Sphere: Day Jobs and Black Swans

Published on Feb 25, 2011   //  In the Sphere

Let’s go for another virtual stroll through the mall of blogs.

John Biehler, despite popular belief, does indeed still have a day job. Even so, he has found the time to tour Vancouver Island, visit with Whitehorse for Hockey Day, and chat with Jim Robson on the flight home. And he’ll be driving to Austin soon for SXSW too!

Cicy Chan has had some similar adventures, but they’ve been largely restricted to Sin City. She’s been sharing her experiences in Las Vegas, including the M&M Shop, Rainforest Cafe, and The Bank at Bellagio. From family friendly to a bumpin’ night spot, it sounds like she had a great time.

Chris Brogan takes a moment to provide us with an insider’s guide to social media etiquette. Are you doing the right thing when it comes to appearance, friending, conversation, disclosure, promoting, content production, and sharing?

Tyler Cruz has a guest post on his blog by Thomas that discusses a subject near and dear to many a would-be Internet professional: should you have one blog or many blogs? Naturally, there are pros and cons to either approach that need to be weighed quite carefully.

Ed Lau prepares us for Oscar Weekend by taking a look at Best Picture nominee Black Swan. Natalie Portman is “nothing short of brilliant” and the movie as a whole is “visually surreal” and “incredibly interesting.” Do you think it can beat The Social Network for the golden statue on Sunday?

Marketing 101: The Social Is Local

Published on Feb 24, 2011   //  Marketing Tips

Marketing efforts can take on a variety of different forms, but many companies aim to reach the largest possible number of people. As such, they assume that they should cast the widest possible net. This isn’t always the best strategy.

Surely, a global campaign can be quite useful in increasing overall brand presence and awareness. However, it is also worthwhile to consider a series of smaller, localized campaigns as well. People make a stronger connection with companies that have a stronger local presence.

It depends on how “hyper local” you want to be, but even having separate Twitter accounts for different countries can make a world (no pun intended) of difference for larger organizations. After all, the product offerings in Germany may not be exactly the same as the ones sold in the United States. From pricing to release dates to the products themselves, these details can vary.

This “hyper local” approach really is the source of Groupon’s success. Each city has its own Groupon sub-portal. The trade-off is that the company can appear segmented and scattered, so you’ll need to weigh the different options carefully.

WordPress Wednesday: Twitter Avatar Reloaded

Published on Feb 23, 2011   //  WordPress

More and more people are using Twitter as one of their primary social media profiles, interacting with all sorts of other folks from all around the globe. How can you help to integrate that into your blog?

One element that you could introduce is Twitter Avatar Reloaded. This WordPress plugin allows you to replace the Gravatar image associated with each comment left on your blog with the Twitter profile picture that the person has uploaded to his or her Twitter account.

You have to remember that while many users have Gravatar accounts, far more have Twitter accounts. By being able to pull in their Twitter avatars, they are better able to display their personality when posting a comment on your blog. That sure beats a generic avatar.

Go the the developer’s site at for more information and support. The zip file can be downloaded from the WordPress repository.

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