In The Sphere: Fives and Social Media

Published on Dec 3, 2010   //  In the Sphere

Another week, another speedlink. Let’s get on with it.

Lisa Bettany recently took a trip to Disneyland and she learned a few things. No, not about Mickey and Donald. Instead, she shares five tips for taking better vacation photos. She did have her DSLR in tow, but she was packing relatively light, remembering to experience the trip rather than viewing it all through a camera lens.

Vance Sova has been attending Dot Com Pho for some time now and he recognizes the importance of networking in person. Even if you make your living on the Internet, real world interactions really do trump the kind that you are able to make online with your contacts and colleagues.

Catherine Connors of Her Bad Mother shares some experiences she had as a child. More specifically, she remembers her mother telling her that she was beautiful when she didn’t really feel it inside. It’s all about what you see as you peek through the looking glass, even if they happen to be “mother-colored,” as it were.

Rebecca Bollwitt of Miss604 fame takes a moment to consider the less fortunate this winter. She lists several warm clothing donation sites in Vancouver. If you happen to have a spare sweater or coat, those less fortunate will surely appreciate the warmth and comfort that they can bring them.

Raul Pacheco, better known as Hummingbird604 in social spheres, knows that not everyone is on every social network. Even then, the dynamics are different. That’s why there are some situations where cross-linking content across platforms may be appropriate. There are other times where it may be less appropriate, but that’s completely at your own discretion. Do you connect your Facebook with your Twitter?

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