In the Sphere: Rates, Customers, and Jobs

Published on Jun 18, 2010   //  In the Sphere

What has the blogosphere been discussing this week? Let’s find out.

Laura Spencer approaches a common question that many freelancers may have. The assumption is that you will have more clients if you lower your rates, but is this really the strategy that you want to take? According to Laura, you’re already asking the wrong kinds of questions.

Lea Woodward helps the Internet entrepreneurs in the audience by describing five beginners’ tips to make money from AdSense. The Google ad platform is a popular one, but are you doing what you can to maximize your income from it?

Daree Allen shares one of her most recent customer service experience and, to put it lightly, it wasn’t a positive one. She was looking for a new apartment to lease and it seems the property management company could barely see this “invisible customer,” quickly moving from one customer to the next without paying attention to anyone in particular.

Wil Wheaton is quite the icon among the geekier crowd, but he also happens to be a very compelling blogger. He recently had the chance to attend E3 2010 in Los Angeles. The popular video game convention certainly didn’t disappoint, filling Wil’s day with plenty of great titles and cool innovations.

Dough Roller recognizes that many high school students are probably looking for summer jobs, as well as part-time jobs they can maintain during the school year. In the post, you find 10 high-paying jobs for exactly this demographic. You don’t have to flip burgers for minimum wage.

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