In the Sphere: Charity, Reviews, and Cafes

Published on May 7, 2010   //  In the Sphere

The blogosphere has a wealth of information for us to enjoy, so let’s see what it had to offer this week.

Dough Roller provides a fantastic guide on how to avoid donating to a fake charity. It’s important to give back to the community, but you want to make sure that your charitable donation is going to the right people and being used for the right purpose.

John Chow co-wrote a book with Michael Kwan and he wants to encourage his readers to buy it. If you go ahead and buy a copy of Make Money Online, you have the opportunity to win an Apple iPad. Take a picture, write a review, and you might win two iPads!

This Eclectic Life took a moment of her day to visit the Cosmic Cafe in Dallas. It’s a vegetarian restaurant and, in Shelly’s own words, the eatery offers an “out of this world” experience. The exterior artwork is certainly interesting!

Freelance Writing Gigs recognizes that most freelancers don’t want to work for free, but is there value in doing so? Focusing on the traffic ramifications, the article asks whether guest-blogging works. Well, it depends. Getting a guest spot on a big blog can provide referral traffic for years.

Web Worker Daily has found a great way to revisit the Internet. Have you ever found a great page to read but don’t have time to read it right away? Perhaps you should try Postponer. Available for Google Chrome, this utility is like a specialized version of a bookmark tool, marking pages for later reading.

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