In the Sphere: Around the World

Published on Apr 16, 2010   //  In the Sphere

This edition of In the Sphere is dedicated to international travel and what you can learn with a little bit of globe-trotting, even if it is within your own city, state, or country.

Ben Spark has a great post at Blogging Tips discussing why you should geotag your way to success. Taking regular photos is a great way to capture your memories, but using GPS to pinpoint the exact location of each shot is even better.

EcoVelo is all for eco-friendly transportation, but it’s also important to recognize some of the hurdles you may encounter along the way. While there is a waist size and inseam for pants, bike sizing is an art and not a science. There are too many variables involved to create a simple, standardized form of bike sizing.

HorsePigCow offers some quick tips for Tokyo trips. Despite being one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, Tokyo may have fewer Wi-Fi hotspots than you expect. Further still, your regular international GSM phone won’t work there nor can you buy a prepaid SIM there either.

Neil Patel explains how he was able to achieve so much success in what he does. In fact, he describes seven things that Seattle taught him about business. He talks about acquiring businesses, executive compensation plans, networking events, and more.

Jeff Cutler was recently over in Las Vegas for a convention and he had a less than stellar experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. They charge for receiving packages, Jeff’s room wasn’t ready upon arrival, and the parking charges are inconsistent at best. On the bright side, travel can be fun.

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