In the Sphere: Organization and Strategy

Published on Apr 2, 2010   //  In the Sphere

Did you manage to survive all the April Fool’s gags that were going around yesterday? Now you can look forward to another relaxing weekend and it’s a long one to boot! Here are some great blog posts to get you started.

Chris Bibey recognizes that there are many aspects to running a successful home-based business. In addition to client acquisition and marketing, you need to keep your home office organized too. Remember to put things back in their place, but don’t be a pack rat either!

Umair Haque offers a fascinating view on this increasingly popular world of social networking. He says that we should differentiate between social media and social strategy. The former is just another “channel” for “old” marketing, whereas the latter can actually shape the industry for generations to come.

Amber Singleton Riviere of WebWorkerDaily tells us that it is important to do your absolute best, but you should also know your limits. In this way, you have to understand the difference between perfection and excellence. Strive to be excellent with your business, to be sure, but be willing to let go when it falls short of being perfect.

Geekpreneur recognizes the appeals of freelancing, but the career choice is certainly not without its shortcomings too. More specifically, Sabrina outlines circumstances when freelancing sucks. Instead of being your own boss, you could just be getting yourself several new bosses instead. “Wasting” your time at a picnic could cost you $150 or more too.

Carl Nelson knows when it’s time to close up shop and move on. That’s why he’s sticking a fork in it and stopping updates to his blog for good. That’s not to say that he won’t still be around on the Internet, however, as he will continue to update his Facebook, Posterous, and Twitter accounts, not to mention his hardware review site as well.

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