Happy Halloween

Published on Oct 31, 2009   //  Cartoon

Happy Halloween

In the Sphere: Coaching, Writing, and Zombie Soldiers

Published on Oct 30, 2009   //  In the Sphere

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing colors, the temperatures are dropping, and pumpkin sales are going through the roof. Yup, it’s time for another speedlink. Let’s see what’s going on in the ‘sphere.

Free Money Finance approaches a question asked by many people who are currently at a crossroads. Is hiring a career coach worth it? It makes sense to get some guidance if you’re struggling to find the right job, but can you justify this added cost? Will you win in the end?

Chris Bibey knows a thing or two about running a successful business. That’s why he knows that consultants, freelancers, and other independent contractors should not apologize for increasing their rates. Raising the price is part of the business.

Rebecca Kelley put up a great guest post on Shoemoney’s blog earlier this week. She reminds us that you’re too sensitive to be successful on the Internet. You need a backbone and you need to be able to roll with the punches. You need to be a fighter.

Patrick Stockmann figures that one of the ways that a blogger can be the best is to improve his or her efficiency. That’s why Patrick outlines how to create a 1000-word article in 90 minutes or less. Don’t think it’s possible? Read his tips and pointers to find out.

Dylan Duarte has decided to start a new feature where he reviews one random movie every week. To kick off the series, Dylan takes a look at Homecoming. It’s a movie where dead soldiers are suddenly resurrected so that they can vote in the presidential election. You see the president sent them to war based on a lie. Think there are political undertones to this ridiculous premise?

Marketing 101: Twitter on Business Cards

Published on Oct 29, 2009   //  Marketing Tips

When hiring someone to design your business card for you, you typically tell them to include your basic contact information. The same basic information is usually seen on most business cards, showing your name, title, company, phone number, mailing address, and email address. You might have a fax number on there too.

This may seem sufficient for most purposes, but what if your potential customers and business associates would prefer to contact you via Twitter. We all know that Twitter has become a huge cultural phenomenon, being adopted by actors and politicians alike, but is it appropriate to include your Twitter username on your business card?

The answer would depend on the nature of your business and the nature of your Twitter account. If you are using a Twitter account for business purposes, this might make sense. However, if your Twitter account is mostly personal, you may want to give this some serious second thought, just as you would necessarily share your Facebook account with your boss.

If you do choose to include Twitter information your business card, the best practice might be to provide the username for the company’s corporate Twitter account rather than your personal one. You wouldn’t put your home phone number on your business card, so your “home” Twitter account should be no different.

WordPress Wednesday: Exploit Scanner

Published on Oct 28, 2009   //  WordPress

In addition to the myriad of plugins that can help to enhance your WordPress site, it is also important to consider the ones that will help to strengthen its security. For example, there are plugins that limit the number of login attempts or ban users attempting to access your site from certain IP addresses.

Another plugin that you may want for security purposes is the WordPress Exploit Scanner. It will not actively protect your blog against attacks, but it will help you find any possible weaknesses. More specifically, it “searches the files and databases of your website for signs of suspicious activity.” Some of this activity can easily be overlooked otherwise.

The scan looks for any scripts or modified content that has been left behind by the hacker when your site is compromised. The manual search is activated from within the WordPress dashboard and it will find instances of things like using CSS to hide text and spam links. Unauthorized or suspicious changes to your database will also be found.

Hit up ocaoimh.ie for more information and to download WordPress Exploit Scanner. It is a free download, so feel free to give it a whirl.

Business 101: Strategic Partnerships at a Price

Published on Oct 27, 2009   //  Business Topics

As I was channel surfing one night, I came across a television show (its name escapes me at the moment) where people made brief presentations in front of venture capitalists, hoping that they would invest in their company. Some of them already had established brick-and-mortar businesses and simply needed some capital to help expand, whereas others were just getting off the ground and needed some help to get started.

Two brothers approached the venture capitalists showing off their signature barbecue sauce. Everyone who had tasted the sauce really liked it, but the two brothers didn’t have the wherewithal to take the business to the next level. They had a lot of stock and some good ideas, but no capital. In the end, they decided to sell 50% of their business for about $50,000.

It wasn’t about the money. It was about gaining the expertise and experience offered by the venture capitalist. Since that partnership was forged, the brothers have gone on to open at least two barbecue-oriented restaurants featuring their sauce. They have also managed to get their sauce into huge grocery stores and even Costco. Without the venture capitalist, these connections could not have been made.

The business is worth much more than $100,000 today and some people may disagree with their decision to sell half at $50,000, but this was viewed as an important investment into a strategic partnership. If you’re looking to expand your business and you don’t know how, taking a slight loss with the right venture capitalist might be a viable option to consider.

SSL Exception

Published on Oct 26, 2009   //  Security

As most of our customers have come to find out the migration to using Tokens means that the login page has changed and that we now need to use SSL to login. This means that your using 128 bit encryption every time you connect to the server. Is it important? Yes your account and files are important to us because it stops people from maliciously using your account. There are exploits out there that people can use to find your cPanel username and password with the old method of how we use to login and this new way prevents those exploits.

So to connect to cPanel you have to use ssl like this:


To connect to your webmail:


If you have a legacy reseller account you have to use:


Now you will notice when you login that you will get notices that you are connecting to a none secure SSL. The warning are 100% correct we are not using a certificate from a provider instead the servers are using a self signed SSL. Basically it means we are using a free SSL which we can set up on the server to still provide 128 bit encryption w/o an added expenditure which is not required.

To by pass this notice just add an exception and it will not prompt you for it again.

I know this has been a headache for some as is any change but it is one for the better of your site and the server. If you have issue or concerns be sure to open a ticket at our heldpesk.

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