Black Hat Social Media – YouTube Traffic Stealing

Published on Jul 26, 2009   //  Social Media


There is a crazy number of users on YouTube at any given time. That means there is a lot traffic to take from them. To get this traffic to your site or affiliate links do the following…

  1. View some of the most recent video’s that have been uploaded and find one that is funny or viral to you.
  2. Download the video and then upload as your own after making changes.
  3. Make a Title with descriptive words. Avoid being generic.
  4. Add as many tags as you possible can for the video until you can’t add more.
  5. Ensure that your description starts with a link to your site using as the first words in your description. Hit Enter 5 times and  enter the same tags you posted before.
  6. Adjust the middle frame of the video to have a sexy picture.

Do this several times a day to various videos and you will drive some decent traffic to your site.

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