In The Sphere: Writing, Money, and Conferences

Published on Mar 27, 2009   //  In the Sphere

Welcome to another fantastic Friday. It’s good to see that we’re finally experiencing some more Spring-like conditions and it’s making me look ahead to what the summer can bring. In the meantime, let’s go on our weekly tour of the blogosphere to see what people are writing about.

Jennifer Blanchard has an interesting perspective on how Twitter can improve your writing skills. A lot of people say that instant messengers and text messages have deteriorated our ability to write well, but Jennifer says that Twitter can help us write more concisely and creatively.

Kathryn Vercillo is a professional freelance writer by trade (like me) and she’s worked hard to get to where she is today. However, as many of her friends lose their jobs or have their hours reduced, these friends are now turning to Kathryn to see if they can write for some extra money too. What they fail to realize is there’s nothing easy about freelance writing. There’s a difference between writing and writing well.

Yaro Starak is widely respected as a top-tier Internet marketer and now he’s ready to share his secrets with you. He has put together a post that outlines exactly how to make money online today. The process is simple. The challenge is getting to work well and work consistently.

Trent Hamm of The Simple Dollar is constantly working to improve his efficiency, but he has found that most systems and techniques simply do not work. After trying so many different strategies, he has now decided on ten time management things that work for him. Quit the multitasking. You’re actually being less productive.

Darren Barefoot partook in a little investigative journalism, revealing to us exactly how much it costs to run a big tech conference. He took DrupalCon as an example, showing us that the conference took about $350,000 to run. The organizers brought in over $500,000 in revenue though, so that’s a pretty nice profit.

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