In The Sphere: Life’s Lessons

Published on Feb 20, 2009   //  In the Sphere

There is something to be said about lifelong learning. Even if you are not attending school anymore, there are a lot of lessons yet to be learned. In navigating through the blogosphere this week, we have uncovered these useful tidbits of information and fodder for discussion.

Amy Derby, like a lot of freelance writers, struggles with finding a healthy life-work balance. In her search for such a balance, she has discovered that it is easiest to attain when you have no life. Does this paradoxical or contradictory to you? You aren’t alone.

Miss604 is at Northern Voice and she attended the talk by Chris Heuer. There, she is learning about the death of advertising. People don’t want to be “sold” on anything anymore, and that’s partly why campaigns like the “Will It Blend” series of videos on YouTube are so successful.

Sonia Simone may be one of the successful few, but she is also able to explain why you can’t make money blogging. Taking a look at such prominent figures as Fake Steve Jobs, it’s clear that having a big audience does not mean that you will necessarily make a lot of money from your blog. That’s just one part of the ever-elusive formula.

Consumerism Commentary brings up an interesting point regarding the ongoing credit crunch and economic downturn. Is it better to walk away when it comes to your house and mortgage? If you are paying off an interest-only $400,000 mortgage but your home is only worth $300,000, does it make sense to get foreclosed on purpose?

Roger Ebert takes a moment to reflect on his old friend Gene Siskel. The two shared a very popular movie review television series for a number of years and it feels like just yesterday that we saw Siskel and Ebert on the balcony. Learn about the origins and development of their professional and personal relationship.

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  • No Life can be very applicable to me on many levels. Amy isn’t alone in trying to establish a healthy balance, and lets face it, how many times have all of us snuck away from the table to sit and eat behind the computer, whilst still in the middle of some process?