Introduction to Google Adwords

Published on Sep 30, 2008   //  Events

Adwords has been called the most powerful tool on the Internet. You can create an ad in 5 minutes and have your name and website displayed for millions. It can also be a bit tricky. Let us help you maneuver through some of the common pitfalls learn to target just the right audience with your adwords campaign.

When is the event happening?
Thursday, October 2, 2008 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Where is it happening?
Ceili’s Irish Pub – 670 Smithe – Vancouver

To register for this event you need to sign-up here.

Event Fee
This event costs $99 for first 5 attendees and $149 for 6th or higher.

Business 101: Political Gains

Published on Sep 30, 2008   //  Business Topics

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs out there are great opportunists. They are always on the lookout for potentially lucrative opportunities and then they jump at the possibility before anyone else can get to it first. These opportunities may or may not fulfill a specific need in the marketplace, but they could be something that would be of interest to the general public. No one ever said that a Pet Rock or a Chia Pet was useful; they got pretty popular nonetheless.

The same can be said about the upcoming American election. There is no shortage of political coverage discussing the likes of Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden, and Sarah Palin. It doesn’t matter whether you align yourself with the Republicans, the Democrats, or an independent, because there is definitely an opportunity to cash in on the country’s interest in the campaign and the election.

Taking a glimpse into what people have already done so far (and what they are planning to do in the near future), we discover some of the most bizarre presidential brands and trademarks. You want to protect your creative ideas, right? So did the creators of Bearack Obama, Palin Pink, Hilary Magic, and White Haired Dudes for McCain.

Have you considered doing something similar for the Canadian election? Go ahead and poke fun at Harper, May, Layton, Dion, and the rest of the crew. You may make a few dollars along the way too.

BlueFur Video Testimonial Contest

Published on Sep 29, 2008   //  Contest

Do you have something positive to say about BlueFur? As part of our redesign of our future site I would like to incorporate actual customers video testimonials. Submit a video to the contest and you could win $300 cash.

To enter create a video of your positive experience with BlueFur and submit the link to Video’s will be judged on based on quality and creativity. The submission end date for this contest is November 30th 2012 which should give you plenty of time to create a quick video.

Don’t have a video camera? If you see me at any event flag me down. I always have my Vado on me and we can create a quick video.

Where should I post the video? I would suggest YouTube.

How long should it be? I would suggest anywhere from 12 seconds to 2 minutes.

Great Gadgets: Fujifilm 3D Digital Camera

Published on Sep 29, 2008   //  Gadgets

Regular digital cameras are pretty handy (and affordable) these days, but this new camera from Fujifilm offers something that no other consumer digicam can offer: three-dimensional images. Fujifilm hasn’t given a name to this new camera yet, but it is said to be the first commercially available camera to do this, especially in such a compact point-and-shoot form factor. The three-dimensional photos come courtesy of the dual lenses. This is so that the camera can compute the relative distances of different objects in the picture.

The pictures taken by this camera can presumably be shown on a regular monitor or digital picture frame, but if you want to achieve the 3D effect, you’ll need to invest in a 3D display of some kind. Various television manufacturers are working on 3D technology for their TVs, but up until now, there is very little commercial content that can be fed into these TVs. The Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D System helps to fill his void.

Before you run out to your nearest camera store, you’ll want to know that the first Fujifilm camera with this 3D technology will not start shipping until some time next year. No word on how much it’ll cost, but seeing how it’s the first, I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes at a bit of a premium over equivalent 2D cameras.

Geek of the Week

Published on Sep 28, 2008   //  Geek of the Week

Geek of the Week

Congratulations to this weeks geek Rinko. This weeks questions are…

1.  What is the maximum length of a standard video on YouTube?

2.  What formats does YouTube accept for uploads?

3.  How do you generate a captions file for YouTube to add subtitles?

4.  Refreshing the video over and over on YouTube increases the views count?

5.  What does a sample YouTube video RSS feed look like?

Weekend Projects – Count Down to Christmas

Published on Sep 27, 2008   //  Weekend Projects

Four weeks down and only 12 weeks until Christmas. Last week we started talking about advertising with a focus on free methods. Once again if you still have not picked a product it is not to late to do so, a few hours of work could mean putting $500 into your pocket for the holiday season. This week we will focus on paid advertising options and update on how sales have been.

Step 6  – Getting the Word Out (cont…)
When doing advertising a good mix of both paid and free advertising will provide you with great results. When it comes to paid advertising make sure you track everything. There are tracking software’s you can install to help you with this.

This week I will spend several hours getting the word out some using the following free advertising methods…

Advertising Method   Details
Pay Per Click Ads   Getting immediate, targeted and risk free traffic to your site is achievable with Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads. With sites like Google AdWords, Yahoo and Miva there are is a lot of effective ways to display your ads.
Paid Reviews   Blogs can drive excellent traffic to your site when the blogger writes a good review. This advertising method leaves the targeting to you and there is a risk that no one will click through to your site. Paid reviews can be done through ReviewMe and PayPerPost.
Site Ads   Putting a link or banner on a site is usually an inexpensive method to drive traffic. This traffic is usually not very well targeted and there is the risk that there will be no clicks through to your site. You can get Text Link Ads.
Pop-Under Traffic   Quick traffic to your site can be achieved using Pop-Under’s. A Pop-Under is when you visit a site and your site loads in a page under the page they are currently visiting. This traffic is almost impossible to target although there is a guarantee that all of them will visit your site.
Contests   Contests bring lots of visitors and choosing a prize which your target market will want will ensure better quality traffic. Just be sure to check with local laws before doing it.

Any paid methods you have used that worked well for you that we missed?

Sales Update
To accomplish our goal of $500 profit before Christmas we will need to sell 25 Vado’s. To date using just word of mouth and now free advertising I have sold 12. That means we are already 48% done. I know that in the next 12 weeks there will be no problem with selling the remaining 52%.

Next steps?
Next week we will go over more advertising and a weekly update on sales.

If you are interested in participating post a comment on what product you are choosing and we will contact you for updates as we go through to see how your doing. This will also allow me to customize the examples to help you with what your selling.

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