WordPress Plugin Requests

Published on Aug 11, 2008   //  Development, WordPress

“WordPress would work so much better if it just had this one plugin…”

We have built several WordPress plugins either by scratch, modifying another plugin or with the help of other designers. As we have a large community of WordPress users on this blog I thought it might be interesting to create a weekly call out for WordPress Plugin Requests.

Do you have any WordPress plugin requests?

Each week we will ask if you have any plugin requests at which time you can post your requests. If you have one then simply explain the plugin in a comment. We will then look at the various plugins and decided on one to work on. All the plugins will be GNU licensed that we build.

What’s the catch?

There is none. We will consider each plugin request and see if we can build them all.

34 Comments to “WordPress Plugin Requests”

  • I’m not sure this is something that can be handled with a plug in or if it needs to be built into the core, but the basic WP needs more finely grained user controls. It would be great to be able to add one or two roles-restricted features to individuals without changing their basic user level.

  • A weekly recurring post that does not change plugin.

  • Check out the Role Manager plugin.

  • Talk about duplicate content…

  • True but if you were to have a post each week asking a question then it would make sense.

    I find people don’t make it past the first page on most blogs.

  • I’d like to see a plugin that enables single sign on between wordpress and laconica, similar to what is provided by kickapps.com.


  • I am not sure if this possible but i really like to see a plugin that can turn WordPress site into Pligg-style article voting site.

  • I’d like to see a plugin that can make spaghetti.

    Also one that allows you to easily change the background of each post, or the background image of the blog for a single post depending on which author wrote it.

    Apologies if these plugins already exist…I’m still learning the WordPress ways.

  • I meant SEO-wise.

  • Maybe set them as nofollow links?

  • What is laconica?

  • Can you explain a bit more.

    Would end users post content or you?

    Would voting increase the content like a Pligg site?

    Why not just use a pligg site?

  • I am about 75% done this one for single post background change depending on which author wrote it.

  • Laconica is the open source answer to Twitter that powers Identi.ca. with a laconica server you can have your own version of Identi.ca which I think would be great tied to a WordPress blog if you had single sign on capabilities.


  • So if there was a tab where it displayed Identi.ca in WordPress and it saved your login then you would be okay to make it generic for laconica?

  • @blogadmin

    What I’d like to see is the ability to mesh WordPress and Laconica so that members could sign in with user/password and automatically be logged into both programs. This kind of thing is available in a WordPress plugin, for example, from Kickapps.com where you can blend a social network around your existing WordPress install and be logged into both.


  • As of plugin features, i think it would be nice if end users post the contents and number of votes can bring articles to the top.

    I’ve seen no development (or perhaps they’re just slow) recently in Pligg community. I am not sure about their future.

    Last but not least i think having integrated social voting with WordPress site will attract more people to build internet community, give values to their users and bring the voting style out of tech niche sites.

    I don’t know, just a thought. But thanks for the response.

  • Since identi.ca allows you to login via OpenID, you could just use an OpenID Plugin to achieve the same results.

  • I thought of that, but then you’d be forcing members to have an OpenID which not everyone has yet. It could work though I suppose.

  • I think this should be easy enough w/o OpenID. An iframe with the login stored should work.

  • I think the changing background should have the option for author and category – maybe even tag – changes. Many people request Plugins or Themes with options to style a specific category differently from the other page views. Review, entertainment, celebs, and diverse blogs love that feature of WordPress. Few have ever tapped it, so you could have a winner here.

    Great idea, by the way. Wish you a ton of success!

  • This is an example: http://www.kickdeveloper.com/sso/plug-ins.html

  • This is something I’d like, too. I have a daily “cup of coffee” post in my sidebar that is an open chat for my readers. I’d love to be able to schedule it to post every day and forget it.

  • Just found out that Drupal already has similar plugin/module called Drigg http://drupal.org/project/drigg

  • I would love to see a plug-in that wipes out the old WP program and installs the new one.
    Virtually all updates of other programs go thru an automatic process for us non-techie types. I get lost in following the update instructions.

  • WordPress 2.7 will include this functionality.

  • Awesome. When is the release date planned?

  • WordPress 2.7 is supposed to be released in November. However there are already plugins to do this with earlier versions of WordPress.

  • How about WordPress plugins for Pownce and Profilactic that possess the same functionality as your WordPlurk and WordIdentica plugins?

  • I have been testing this for Powence…


  • Try this one I just quickly packed up from the old ones…


  • I recently implemented that one as well, thanks.

  • I’ll check it out, thanks!

  • I am testing this plugin for recurring posts…