In The Sphere: Facebook, Investing, and Weakness

Published on Aug 8, 2008   //  In the Sphere

Let’s have a look at what the blogosphere had to offer this week.

Buzz Bishop sees that we can use social networking sites to plan real-life gatherings a little better. In fact, there is a growing trend toward Facebooking your high school reunion. Most of your grad class is probably already on Facebook, so this makes it very easy to get in contact with everyone!

Tyler Cruz has had quite the bumpy road when it comes to PPC affiliate marketing. He’s fiddled around with different networks and tried a few different techniques, but it was only last month that he was able to finally get in the green with his PPC affiliate marketing. Read his post to find out how much he finally earned.

Kacper Wrzesniewski wants to demystify the investing process, debunking no fewer than 11 myths about investing. Remember, investing is not the same as gambling. It requires making some educated choices and calculated risks.

James Chartrand has officially proclaimed that he doesn’t care about you. He may be your reader, but he simply does not care because “content about you is worthless to me.” Without relevance to the reader, free content is worthless.

Free Money Finance addresses one of the most common interview questions, helping you understand how to handle the ‘weakness’ question. What is your greatest weakness? Do you usually try to spin your answer using the “weakness as a strength” strategy?