WordIdentica a WordPress plugin for Identi.ca

Published on Jul 10, 2008   //  Development

Ideti.ca LogoEarlier today we released the WordPlurk plugin and while beta testing I was asked by one of our community members and customers if we could make one for Indeti.ca. I did a quick test and modifying the plugin was easy enough for Identi.ca.

If your not familiar with Identi.ca then like Twitter it is a micoblogging site. The one key separator about Identi.ca is that the code is open source and runs on a distributed system. This means if you wanted to start up your own server you could. I did find the web GUI for Identi.ca to be a bit confusing and there is no end user GUI like twhirl for it yet.

Like the WordPlurk plugin I modified a WordPress plugin written by fellow Vancouver resident Duane Storey called WordTwit to write WordIdentica.

WordIdentica Install

  1. Download the WordIdentica zip file.
  2. Unzip and upload the file and folders to your WordPress plugins folder.
  3. Activate the plugin in your Admin section.
  4. Set your username and password in your Admin section.
  5. Next time you post to your blog it will update to Identi.ca automatically for you.

WordIdentica Requirements

This plugin currently works with WordPress 2.6 and lower. It also requires for curl to be installed on the server. If your host does not have curl installed please ask them to install it.

WordIdentica Development and Problems

You can view the WordIdentica code if you wish to see how to it was designed and make modifications. If you find a problem post it in the comments and we will try our best to help you resolve it.

20 Comments to “WordIdentica a WordPress plugin for Identi.ca”

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  • Great news! So this requires an upgrade to WP 2.6, correct?


  • How could this be used to post to your own install of the Laconica software that drives Identi.ca? I have a live install of Laconica and would like to post from my blog versus Identica.


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  • No it wil work with WP 2.5.x.

  • I think if you change the domain in the plugin it would work. Although I have never used Laconica.

    If you get stuck send me a link to your install and I can see what I can do.

  • I’ve installed on WP 2.5.1. and it works great. One thing I’ve found though is that it won’t recognize different accounts on Identi.ca. I have two accounts, and it always posts to the first one I used in the plugin admin. Thoughts?

    Check out my laconica install at sportstwit.com/laconica. Are you suggesting change these lines:

    curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_URL, ‘http://identi.ca/main/login’);

    curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_URL, ‘http://identi.ca/notice/new’);


  • Your trying to get it to post to 2 accounts at the same time or trying to switch the user?

    Yes try changing those lines and it should work.

  • I’m trying to switch the user. So change username/password, save but the posts always go to the first user.

  • I will have to play with the plugin and see if I can recreate that.

  • It works on my laconica install. Bravo! You should check out this work by someone working at Dreamhost: http://www.gimmesoda.com/

    They’re trying to get an easy install of Laconica set up on Dreamhost and I’ll bet it will be a big feature soon enough. I’d move my hosting right now to whomever embraces Laconica and who has great WordPress and/or WPMU support.

    You folks are in BC, right? Hi there from beautiful PEI.


  • I will check that site out.

    Yes we are in BC here.

  • I also notice the plugin works only for Admin on my WP blog. This would be fantastic for multiple author support.

  • Any thoughts on the Admin issue. Could there not be a way to allow non-admin on a blog to use it as well (such as authors) via something like:

    I’m not a developer but this seems plausible.


  • thanks for this plugin

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  • Look like an great plugin, but i have some trouble because my host don´t got allow_url_fopen enabled on the server (some security thing) and the “file_get_contents” dont work for me… Are there something else like curl i can use instead and do you guys know what?


  • This plugin uses curl. Are you getting an error with it?

  • I got some Fatal error because my host have the Allow_url_fopen disabled into php.ini and can´t not use “file_get_contents”.

    But I find a solution for it:
    After line 30
    function curlGet($url) {
    $ch = curl_init();
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
    return curl_exec($ch);

    And instead of “file_get_contents” i use curlGet