WordPress Wednesdays: Clean Archives Reloaded

Published on May 28, 2008   //  WordPress

There are certain pages and functions that should be included on every blog, regardless of the niche and the nature of the website. There should be an About page that tells readers a little more about what the blog will address and hopefully the About page also provides some information about the writer(s) behind the blog. There should be a Contact page so that readers can get in touch with the blogger about any specific questions. Another very important page that should be included on every blog is an Archives page.

As you can imagine, there are many WordPress plug-ins out there that address this very matter. Yes, WordPress automatically generates pages for each month in the archive, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could have every post ever written on your blog on a single page? If you post a lot, however, this page can get incredibly long. The Clean Archives Reloaded plug-in cleans that up for you.

Instead of having links to every posts shown all the time, Clean Archives Reloaded creates a series of expandable menus for each month. Click on March 2008, for example, to reveal all the posts that were written in that month. You can expand and collapse multiple months too. For an example of how this plug-in looks like in action, check out the archives page on Viper007Bond.com, which happens to be the blog of the Clean Archives Reloaded author.