WordPress Wednesdays: Category Selector Sidebar

Published on May 21, 2008   //  WordPress

With the arrival of WordPress 2.5 came a whole new dashboard design. Some people liked the new look, whereas others have their reasons to complain. One of the most common issues that people have with the new dashboard design is with the layout of the Write Post page.

More specifically, the category selector has been shoved to the bottom half of the screen, forcing you to scroll down to select your category. Under the previous layout, the category selector was in the sidebar. It was easier to see and, thus, it was easier to remember to select a category. I know that with the new layout, I’ve forgotten to select a category on more than one occasion.

A plug-in was created to address this very problem. It’s called Category Selector Back to the Sidebar and it does exactly that. By installing and activating this plug-in, the category selector moves from underneath the writing area to the sidebar, sitting just underneath the “Save” and “Publish” buttons in your WordPress Write Post page. This is much more visible than the default placement.

The trade-off is that the “Related” section is effectively removed from the Write Post page. The Related section is where you could find links to manage all comments, manage all tags, view drafts, and so on. It’s a small price to pay, but it’s still a price to be paid for convenience. Whether this trade-off is worth it is a matter of personal preference.

3 Comments to “WordPress Wednesdays: Category Selector Sidebar”

  • You can fix the removal of the “Related” section by tinkering with the code like I did using Kulpreet’s instructions and deleting only portions of what was recommended. I ended up keeping “Related” but only the “drafts” tab since that’s all I had use for in that section.

    Also post screencast, my categories tab now says “Categories YAY” on my post editing sidebar :-P

  • The problem with Kulpreet’s fix is you need to do it everytime you upgrade WordPress.

    It would be easier to fix the Plugin.

  • Hi Gary,

    Peter was kind enough to convert my fix into a plugin, which you can download on my blog.