In The Sphere: The Rule of Thirds

Published on May 16, 2008   //  In the Sphere

Spring has finally arrived here in Vancouver, so I hope you’re all out there enjoying the sunshine and looking forward to a terrific long weekend! In between those outdoor barbecues and trips to the beach, be sure to take a few moments to explore the blogosphere too, because the rest of the world wants to have a word with you. Here are a few posts to get you started.

Eric Doggett of The Man Page reminds us of a very simple rule to adding some artistic expression to your photos. Whether it is at a child’s birthday party or just a lazy Sunday on the back porch, be sure to use the easy rule of thirds when composing your pictures. They make for much more interesting photos.

Shoemoney has got the skills to pay the bills, so he’s always on the lookout for interesting ways to make money online. You may have heard about pay per click and pay per action, but what is the best way to monetize an online video? Maybe you should consider pay per view. Loren Feldmen charges a dollar for each view. Imagine of those viral videos on YouTube did that.

In keeping with the creative flow, Bloggrrl says that kids should be bored. When they are bombarded with too much entertainment — video games, television, music, and so on — they don’t have an opportunity to let their creative sides express themselves. When they are bored, they’ll feel compelled to actually do something. Anything.

Mack Collier of Search Engine Guide is talking about Twitter like everyone else these days. While most Twitter profiles come with a link to the person’s personal website, Mack recommends that you make a Twitter landing page instead. This lets your fellow tweeps learn a little more about you.

Lisa Bettany of Mostly Lisa spent a solid six years in university and she shares what she learned in school (and what she didn’t). It truly is interesting to see what makes it into the curriculum and into our long-term memories, isn’t it?