Happy New Year

Published on Dec 31, 2007   //  Cartoon

Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy New Year and best of luck in 2008.

Top 10 Worst Gadgets of 2007

Published on Dec 31, 2007   //  Business Topics, Gadgets

We’ve seen some of the best gadgets of the year, so here’s a quick rundown of some of the worst. In no particular order…

1. Microsoft Zune – While I feel that the second-generation device is a definite step in the right direction, the first-generation media player was large, heavy, chunky, and somewhat awkward to use. It didn’t help that it felt like a big brown brick either.

2. Sidekick Slide – On the surface, this Motorola-manufactured Sidekick had a lot of potential. After all, it was slick, shiny, and slim. However, the battery connection issue was a total hype killer.

3. Logitech MX Air Mouse – It’s not quite a Minority Report experience and from what I hear, the transition from waving your hands in the air to using it like a regular mouse can be quite lengthy.

4. Philips SPC325NC Skype Kit – This webcam and headset bundle sounds like a good value, but the image quality is very poor and the headset feels very cheap.

5. Trendnet TEW-631BRP Wireless-N Router – What’s the point of upgrading to the draft-N spec when the speeds are almost the same as 802.11g? At least Trendnet got it right with the TEW-633GR that came out later.

6. Apple iPod touch – I don’t know about you, but the iTouch almost seems pointless when someone can grab an iPhone for only a little more money. The only difference is the lack of cellular.

7. Amazon Kindle – E-ink technology isn’t quite where it needs to be for consumer consumption just yet, so I applaud Amazon for their efforts. Even so, the execution is a little strange at best.

8. Meizu M8 – This was one of the first handsets to mimic the look and feel of the Apple iPhone. Unfortunately, like most Chinese-made knockoffs, the Meizu M8 came up seriously short of the original.

9. Corsair Padlock USB Drive – I’m all for added security, but the introduction of a numeric keypad on a flash drive just makes it far too clunky compared to its less-secure counterparts.

10. Apple iPhone – It’s not because the iPhone is a bad device, but more because it was overhyped and spawned a never-ending onslaught on cheap clones and knockoffs.

Geek of the Week

Published on Dec 30, 2007   //  Geek of the Week

Geek of the Week

Congratulations to this weeks geek Matt. This weeks questions are related to our blog stats. The closest to the answers will win:

1.  How many posts are on our blog?

2.  How many comments were made?

3.  How much spam has Akismet caught?

4.  How many unique visitors have visited our blog?

5.  How much bandwidth has been used in 2007?

Update WordPress 2.3.2 Immediately

Published on Dec 29, 2007   //  Security

Attention bloggers if you have manually installed WordPress then you should immediately upgrade to 2.3.2. A security upgrade notice has been issued by WordPress in regards to this. 

Do not think about it or put it off. Your site is at risk so upgrade now.

For those who installed WordPress with Fantastico,  Netenberg usually has the upgrade released of a day or two later. We do post Fantastico updates on the blog so keep an eye open for that.

Discussion: Predictions for 2008

Published on Dec 29, 2007   //  Discussion

Weekly Discussion

It’s always fun to do predictions because you never know they might just come true. Next year we will see how well I did. For 2008 I predict the following…

1. Google will fail at it’s attempt to launch a social network site like Facebook.

2. Microsoft will purchase Yahoo to compete against Google.

3. Amazon will buy eBay.

4. Video blogging will become more popular in traditional blogs.

5. Business sites will begin to use RSS to push out specials, news and information.

Do you have an predictions for 2008?

2007 Business Goals Report Card

Published on Dec 28, 2007   //  Development

Business Goals

At the beginning of 2007 we set some specific business goals to have accomplished by the end of year. As were a few days away from ending the year I thought I would evaluate where we are with those plans.

Billing Improvements – F

We tested and tried many web hosting billing software’s in 2007 and none of them fit our needs. We shelved the goal for a 2008 project to build our own from scratch.

Support Improvements – B

Our Help Desk software upgrade has made it easier for people to get support and for our staff to move customers to the proper technical support area.

Our Wiki is online as promised.

We created a basic step by step course via email which we have been testing randomly with customers. The feedback from it has been good and we will continue to develop it for 2008.

Service Improvements – A

We accomplished our service goals for 2007.


I am disappointed that our goals were not achieved in 2007 and would give us an overall C+ rating. Our 2008 business goals will be released in January. If you have suggestions for improvements post a comment.

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