DealDotCom WordPress Plugin – Beta

Published on Sep 18, 2007   //  DealDotCom

After reading what seemed like 100’s of blog posts on the launch of DealDotCom I decided today to write a quick and dirty plugin. They currently do not have one available for WordPress and I thought it would be interesting to build my first WordPress plugin while helping fellow bloggers monetize their sites.

So the plugin looks like this after installed…

 DealDotCom Plugin

The install is very easy…

  1. Download the DealDotCom Plugin.
  2. Unzip the file in your wp-content/plugins folder.
  3. Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin.
  4. Customize the Plugin on the Options page.
  5. Add a bit of code to your sidebar.php file.

This script is still in Beta so use at your own risk. If you find anything wrong or any suggestion feel free to post them.

I have also posted the full script here.

UPDATE – If you downloaded version 0.1 we just now uploaded version 0.2 (19/09/07). This will fix a lot of the issues.

52 Comments to “DealDotCom WordPress Plugin – Beta”

  • I see the image on your site and our site.

    Just remember if the dealdotcom site is down there isn’t much we can do other then suggest they pick a better host (maybe like us?).

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