Did You Know: A Generation of Entrepreneurs

Published on Jul 31, 2007   //  Did You Know

Inc.com recently compiled a list of who they believe are the top 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30. They note that “Generation Y” is by “the most entrepreneurial in history” and this is largely thanks to “how new technologies, a proliferation of resources, and a disenchantment with the corporate world.” Personally, I think that it’s the Internet that has opened up these sort of options to younger people, myself included, because without the instant and easy access of the world wide web, I couldn’t have ever started my freelance writing business.

I may not be one of the top 30 most successful entrepreneurs under the age of 30, but here are three guys that have managed to make it for themselves, escaping the confines of working for someone else. It just goes to show you that with a good idea and a healthy level of determination, anyone — young or old — can be super successful running their own business.

Dubbed The Innovator, 20-year-old Ben Kaufman is the founder of Mophie, a company that makes iPod accessories. Doesn’t sound all that innovative, right? So, what is it that makes Ben so successful? It’s because he allows his customers to design their own accessories, ranging from headphone splitters and FM transmitters to remote controls and protective cases. He plans to revolutionize the way consumer products are developed.

Sean Belnick developed the entrepreneurial spirit very early on, selling office chairs online at the young age of 14. He started with just $500 to his name, creating a Yahoo store account to power his direct-shipping company. Today, Sean runs his own $24 million furniture company (BizChair.com), providing furnishings to such huge clients as Microsoft, Google, and the Pentagon.

Sam Altman got in on the social networking and he has never looked back. Altman took the concept behind social networking and brought it into the real world. He developed “Loopt”, a social mapping service that allows friends to quickly and easily answer the most common question sent via cell phone text messages: “Where are you?”

What will be your idea? Will you make next year’s list of top entrepreneurs?

Windows Hosting on Hold

Published on Jul 31, 2007   //  News Worthy

Data Center

Due to the issues with our Windows servers over the last 3 months we will no longer be offering new Windows accounts. I am unhappy with the way Windows hosting works on the control panels we have tried. It seems when something goes wrong it is not a small fix but a major catastrophe.

We have tried Ensim, Hosting Controller and Plesk now and all of them have been horrible for causing major crashes.

We will revisit Windows hosting later in 2007 or 2008 with perhaps Hsphere as the new control panel. If you have any Windows control panels you like let us know in the comments.

Certified Domain Scam?

Published on Jul 30, 2007   //  Emerging Markets

Certified Domain ScamToday I noticed a registrar is selling a seal for $3 a year that shows your domain is certified. The seal you get is to the right (I have blurred out the registrar as I do not wish to advertise for them).

 The seal doesn’t do anything but tell you that you are on the domain you typed in or clicked to and the date and time. If you click on it those same details come up again on a separate site.

The registrar is touting this as being a way to instill trust in your site visitors.

I think this is a scam and a way for you to pay the registrar to advertise for them.

Can you think of any reason to have it? What do you think of this seal idea?

Great Gadgets: Motorola ROKR T505 Bluetooth Speaker

Published on Jul 30, 2007   //  Gadgets

Mobile professionals who are on the road all the time probably know that it’s not the brightest or safest idea to be driving around with one hand on the wheel and the other on a cell phone. That’s where Bluetooth headsets come into the picture, but the ear loop can become uncomfortable after extended periods of time. Bluetooth speakers, then, are a fantastic solution because they allow you to keep both hands on the wheel while chatting it up with business associates and clients.

The newly announced Motorola ROKR T505 Bluetooth Speakerphone is a handy handsfree device that clips to your car’s visor. It will pair with just about any Bluetooth-compatible cell phone, but that’s not all. You’ll notice that it carries Motorola’s signature “ROKR” branding, meaning that it is musically-inclined. That’s because the ROKR T505 fully supports stereo Bluetooth A2DP, receiving the tunes that are streaming from your music phone. What’s more, it can re-broadcast this signal back out over FM airwaves, acting as an intermediary between your music phone and your car stereo.

Motorola claims that the ROKR T505 has a 20 hour battery life, but I’d imagine that if you have the streaming music going on the whole time, that figure would decrease considerably. No word on how much this will cost, but given that Motorola was showing off the ROKR T505 Bluetooth speakerphone at their Holiday 2007 show in New York, we can safely assume that it will be released in time for Santa to make his rounds.

Geek of the Week

Published on Jul 29, 2007   //  Geek of the Week

Geek of the Week

Congratulations to this weeks geek Christian who scored on our Geek of the Week questions. This weeks questions are:

  1. Where does Microsoft get the names for it’s Server Os software?
  2. What GPS components does the iPhone use?
  3. Who is Patrick Gavin and what company does he own?
  4. What new site did Guy Kawasaki launch recently?
  5. What new features does USB 2.0 have?

Discussion: You Have Been Warned

Published on Jul 28, 2007   //  Discussion

Weekly Discussion

As more and more personal blogs come online, how serious should the none blogging community take your posts?

The reason this is a discussion this week is more people are being fired and being issued warned for what they post on their personal blog.

I know a nurse who had blogged about a patient that had caused her great frustration. She excluded the name, location and any identifiable details from the post. A few months later she received a warning that if she was to post anything again about patients she would be let go.

I also remember infamous blogger Jeremy Write was fired for blogging.

Do you think that people should be fired for posting on their personal blog?

I have a big problem with this. How hard would it be for anyone of us to start-up a fake personal blog to then have another employee fired?

With that said where is the line and how would you deal with it?

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