Selling What Your Customers Need

Published on Mar 5, 2007   //  News Worthy

DreamweaverIn the next few weeks you will notice that we will be selling both FrontPage 2003 and Dreamweaver 8 on our site.

After doing  a quick search I believe we will be the only host in the world to offer these 2 software as a checkout item in conjunction with hosting. If you find another one post a comment. 

FrontPageThese 2 software programs are used in the industry the most for designing sites. It would seem to only make sense that we sell these to our customers who are building sites.  A general poll of customers showed that most of them went out and bought one of these 2 software programs immediately after purchasing hosting. When asked the majority of those said they would have purchased it at the same time as hosting if it was available.

I was reading that Amazon increased sales 25% by adding the “Customers who bought this item also bought”. So we will be working that model in to our checkout to see how well it works.

We are also working on partnering with a Canadian training company to offer live in class courses across Canada. The courses will cover FrontPage, Dreamweaver and basic Web Design. Once we have more details on the training we will post more details. 

If there was anything you would have added on to your hosting purchase add it as a comment and we will look into it.

4 Comments to “Selling What Your Customers Need”

  • How much will these be priced at, since they’re already both pretty pricey at retail…

    Also, why FrontPage 2003, and not 2007?

    How about Photoshop, Flash maybe Paint Shop Pro? Those seem like products that Customers might need to get started with Graphics, too.

    Publisher maybe? Make business cards and stuff (even websites… but, not the best :P ).

    Or, this one seems good, Microsoft Expression ( More specifically Expression Web and Expression Design. I’ve never tried them myself, but they seem like good products.

    Seems like a good idea, though. Try to stay away from what Godaddy did, though, by offering 6 million other products to you even before you actually see the shopping cart items. Since that is really annoying going through pages of their other products, just to pay…

    This comment should give you some things to think about selling. :P

  • We went with 2003 as it was the most cost effective.

    We will most likely add more depending on the success of the first 2 we offer.

    We will not be taking the model of GoDaddy ever. I really dislike how they have it setup and feel it is almost shady the way they implamented there checkout.

  • Okay, cool. I’m sure you’ll be successful with Selling Software.

    Which Godaddy, you could easily order something you didn’t want, you need to really pay attention. That being said, I don’t want to dis them, I still think they’re a pretty good company…

  • Those are two great programs…I love dreamweaver.
    But what about easier software for people who just want a simple website. Or who dont know how to code.

    What about this Virtual Mechanics SiteSpinner.
    Its 100% WYSIWYG – move anything anywhere with your mouse.

    You dont need to write any code. unless you want to.

    Its all drop and drag. Its very well written.
    All published code stands up to tidy, no errors.

    And its very cheap.

    I used this for a little while to make pages for friends.(for free) Then i introduced them to the program. they went and bought it and they love it.

    The only thing that could cause problems with this program, is that they have partnership with some hosting company.. if you buy the program you get 12 months free hosting with…