Help Desk Updated

Published on Jan 31, 2007   //  Development


With the move to we took the time to update our Help Desk software to Kayako version 3. The new version has some features we know some customers have asked for.

Create Help Desk Login
Although you would think this would be a standard thing our old help desk required you to have some working email to submit a ticket so you can log back in and review your status. Our new help desk does not require that, you can register an account and then login to view the status of your account with out having an working email.

RSS Knowledgebase
You can subscribe to RSS in our knowledgebase. If you make use of Internet Explorer 7’s RSS reader or FireFox’s Sage then you can subscribe to the RSS feed from the knowledgebase and if any new articles, tutorials, videos or knowledge is added you will be updated by your RSS reader. The world is becoming more and more RSS ready so start using it now.

There are other small features which you may find useful like a better search and navigation. To test out the new help desk check it out here.

Detecting Internet Explorer 7 and 6

Published on Jan 30, 2007   //  Development


Okay so your starting to get users that are using Internet Explorer (IE) version 7. Guess what? They may have some problems with your site!

If you have not downloaded it you may want to and view your site using IE7 to be sure there are no issues.

We noticed some sites with issues and have a recommended fix using JavaScript. You can add this into JavaScript:

if (typeof != “undefined”) {
  // IE 7, mozilla, safari, opera 9
} else {
  // IE6, older browsers

If you do install IE 7 note that it will remove IE6. You can install the IE6 standalone version here.

Affiliate Marketers Alliance Dinner

Published on Jan 30, 2007   //  Events


Ian the founder of the Affiliate Marketers Alliance sent me an email letting me know about the upcoming Dinner. This is a great opportunity to network with peers and increase revenue streams for your site/business.

If you live in the Greater Vancouver Area I suggest marking this on your callendar:

When: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 – 6:30pm
Location: Pacific Palisades Hotel – 1277 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC
Cost: $60 CAD
What You get: Full buffet dinner and all the networking you can handle in 1 night.
Registration Deadline: Feb 14, 2007
Payment Method: Payable in advance with Visa, MasterCard & most major credit cards or paypal.

For more info, here is the official announcement:

Blocking Form Mail Spam

Published on Jan 29, 2007   //  Development


If  you use some type of form on your site that sends out an email you are most likely to get some type of malicious bot that finds it and tries to use it to send out spam. You can add a bit of PHP code to your script to prevent that.

if (!isset( $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_METHOD’] != “POST”) {
    exit(“<p>You did not press the submit button; this page should not be accessed directly.</p>”);

This will check to see if the form was submitted from your own site and that the page was just not directly accessed. Place this code on the PHP page that your form submits to.

10 Online Marketing Tips

Published on Jan 29, 2007   //  Marketing Tips

Here are 10 online marketing tips to help you with marketing your site.

  1. Marketing TipsKeep your domain name short and easy to remember.
  2. Keep your sales message simple.
  3. Be sure to pick up all the extensions you can for your domain to be sure that there will be no issues with  competitors later.
  4. Avoid using dashes or hyphens in your domain name.
  5. Choose a domain that is easy to type out on the keyboard.
  6. Make sure that the domain is somewhat relevant to what you are doing.
  7. Speak the language your customer speaks on your site. Remember your not selling to you but to your customer.
  8. Understand your core business and do not inundate your customers with too many different options at once.
  9. Design a clean and simple site that is as small as possible.  A third of your visitors are most likely still using dial up.
  10. Update your site regularly.

Creating An Online Action Plan

Published on Jan 28, 2007   //  Marketing Tips

Most people who run a business have some sort of business plan for their business. To have a successful site I suggest building an action plan, much like a business plan, for your web site. This will allow you to create a detailed schedule and budget for all your marketing needs.


The first thing you need to do is set a goal for how many visitors to or sales you want from your site each month. Once you have decided on the goal, choose from the various marketing options available to promote your site. I suggest that your strategy should encompass several different methods to increase the visitors to your site.


Now that you have a goal for number of visitors and amount of sales you want to your site, it’s time to set a budget. Be realistic .  Set an amount you can easily affort to spend each month. I suggest having a budget minimum of $50. There is a lot you can do to market yourself with just $50.  Some of the best marketing tools are free.

Create a Timeline

Sit down and write a timeline of when you want to implement each marketing tool. Determine how long you want to spend on each strategy and in what order they should be done. If you are trying out a new marketing medium, I suggest that you do a small test to see how well it works. Many advertisers will want you to commit your whole budget to them, promising extraordinary returns, but I suggest you resist the urge and only do a small test run in order to calculate just how great a return on your investment you will actually make.

Tracking Results

If you do any marketing it is definitely important to track the results. You could simply track visitors to your site using web stats, but then you won’t know where those visitors are coming from, and you won’t know if the marketing you did was effective. To track it I suggest creating mini splash pages that are geared toward a target audience. For example, if you buy a banner on a site, make it so the clicks go to a page that says something like: “Welcome visitor from X site”.  This will not only help you track traffic from that specific banner, but will help with conversions if you are selling something.

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