The Secret Review

Published on Dec 15, 2006   //  Reviews

The Secret

I was told to watch this movie by a friend who believes in Quantum Physics. This movie is done in a documentary style. The movie explains what The Secret is and how you can use it in your day to day to life to be successful.

The secret is not really a secret but another one of those things your Parents told you to do but just never listened. The secret is the power of focusing on creating with your thought what you want to happen. So if you want to create wealth, wellness or love then these are all things you can do.  According to the secret by spending time intently focusing your thoughts and visualizing what you want to achieve whatever it may be will cause it to happen.

In the movie one person uses this new found power to find parking spots. I did try this myself with mixed results. I do not believe everyone should go out and rent or buy this video  but if you do believe that success is a state of mind you will find this movie very motivating.

You can purchase the video online here.

Top 5 Sales Questions of 2006

Published on Dec 14, 2006   //  Development

We have collected the top 5 most commonly asked questions over 2006 to sales and here in no specific order are the top 5 questions and answers.

Do you have servers in Canada and can I pick where I have my site(s)? Yes we do have servers in Canada. We have servers currently in Montreal and Vancouver. We also have servers in Texas, New York and Seattle. You can specify which location you wish to placed in by emailing directly after your purchase.

If I purchase monthly to start can I change it to yearly later and will I get the discount? Yes you can change your payment schedule at any time. If you pay yearly you will get the discount.

What is the cost to upgrade my account and is there any downtime involved? You can upgrade your account at any time. The cost is only the difference between your old and new package. The upgraded space or bandwidth is added on to your current account with no downtime.

Is there any setup fees or hidden costs? No we do not have any setup fees or hidden costs.

What does unmetered mean is it the same as unlimited? Unmetered means we do not measure or limit you to a number of that particular feature. I would not say it is the same as unlimited but  they are similar. The reason we do not use the word unlimited is because the word implies that you can have an infinite amount devoid of the space and bandwidth you purchase. We feel it is a bit dishonest to use Unlimited and hence why we use a more correct word unmetered.

Number One Dot Com Mogul Recommends Our Services

Published on Dec 12, 2006   //  News Worthy

John Chow Dot Com Mogul

If you have every attended any Vancouver or Las Vegas technology convention then most likely you have bumped into John Chow. We had the pleasure of meeting John at a Techvibes Event where he played a half hour of blackjack at our booth.

You may not know it but John is a very successful entrepreneur that survived the dot com melt down and has grown stronger today due to the many marketing options available to webmasters. If you are interested in how John makes money his blog covers how he does it and how he came to be the Number One Dot Com Mogul.

Recently John recommend us on his blog to the 100,000’s of people that visit his blog daily. All our staff here would like to thank John for the great recommendation. You can read that recommendation and why he recommends us here.


Holiday Gift Cards Now Available

Published on Dec 9, 2006   //  News Worthy

Gift Cards

Who wouldn’t want to wake up on Christmas Morning and find a hosting gift card in there stocking? I know I would!

8 out of 10 web designers agree that a hosting gift card would be a great gift idea.

 If your looking for a unique gift that keeps on giving all year long then don’t look any further. We provide our Holiday Gift card each year which allows you to purchase them for only $50.00 and the person who receives your gift gets to claim a $90.00 credit.

To purchase your gift card or read more details click here.

Top 10 Support Questions of 2006

Published on Dec 8, 2006   //  Development


 These are not listed in any particular order but these were the Top 10 questions asked to support over 2006 with the answers.

  1. Email does not work for sending out – Most ISP’s have blocked the normal SMTP port 25 for external domains. We have opened an alternative port on 26 which you can use and setup inside your email program under advanced settings.
  2. How do I get PHP 5 to work – When we introduced PHP 5 to the newer servers we got a flood of questions on how to get it to work. We have set it up by default to use the .php5 file extension. If you want it to use just .php you need to add “AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .php” to your .htaccess file.
  3. What permission should my files/folders have – You will notice that you can set file and folder permissions in your File Manager inside of cPanel. One thing you should be sure is that your folders are set to 755 and your files to 666. This will prevent site defacement and malicious users from causing havoc to your site.
  4. My Server is Gone – We had a few people get blocked by the firewall on our servers this year. Please note that if you use the wrong FTP or Account details to login after several tries of doing that you will be blocked by the firewall. If you feel you are blocked then open a ticket with our staff, include your IP address which you can get from
  5. Can I have my password reset – We believe in a centralized storage model of passwords. Due to this we have one department that manages all your personal information and passwords. That department is billing. They act as the gatekeepers to ensure your information is not provided to just anyone that emails. All request for password resets should be sent to They will resend the welcome email to the emails you have setup on file with the password reset to the original when you signed up.
  6. Can I backup my site automatically – Regardless if you are using Windows or Unix we have developed a tool called TinyBackup. This tools allows you to download your site on a daily basis. It sits in your Windows tray and does the backup of your site automatically after you take the 30 seconds to fill in the ftp details into it. This tool sells for $29.95 USD but is absolutely free to our customers in the resource center.
  7. How do I stop the spam – As spam continues to grow we have added more and more resources to help fight against it. We have started using Remote Blacklists and Box Trapper on all our servers.
  8. Someone is sending out email from my domain – This year we saw a lot of worms that would randomly pick domains from Google and send out spam from people’s home machines. There really is no way to prevent these from happening. Most of these worms are detected in 72 hours and removed by home users.
  9. Do you support ASP 2.0 – Yes we do. If your Windows account is not setup to use it please open a ticket and we can enable it for you.
  10. Bounced Email – This year we saw a lot of people filling up there accounts and getting Account Full email bounced errors. Please be sure to review your account size to ensure you are not out of space. You can view the space usage inside your cPanel by using Disk Usage. If you need more space our billing staff are more then happy to help you upgrade.

The E-Myth Revisited Review

Published on Dec 4, 2006   //  Reviews

Anyone that owns a business should consider this book a must read. This book provides easy reading and chalked full of excellent business guidelines. The majority of business owners get stuck working in there business and those that do grow big enough end up not being effective managers. This book explains that the owners of businesses should be working on there business instead of in there business. Even if working on your business is a small amount of time set a  side once a day or week. Reading through this book I see a lot of local businesses that have the exact same issues as the owners in this book. Note this book although called E-Myth has nothing to do with an online business at all the topics in the book are generic and cover all businesses.

If you would like to buy this book you can find it here.

You can also view the Authors site here.