Xmas Radio Online

Published on Nov 29, 2006   //  News Worthy

We are happy to bring in the holidays again for a second year with 24 hour Christmas music streamed live from our office. We have over 3 days worth of music so your guaranteed to hear all your favorite Christmas tunes. This free service will run from December 1 to January 2, 2007. If you have any music you have created to be added to the rotation send it to xmasradio@bluefur.com.

You can access the Site at XmasRadio.ca


Purple Cow Review

Published on Nov 20, 2006   //  Marketing Tips, Reviews

The title of this book caught my eye when I was looking over marketing books at the�local Chapters. After reading this book I would suggest that if you have an interest in Marketing this is an excellent read. The book gives examples and suggestions on creating unique marketing ideas for your business.

The key to marketing from the Authors perspective is finding something that makes you stand out from the others. Finding your own purple cow can be a hard process but the book does spark ideas for you to think about with your own site or business.

If you would like to buy this book you can find it here.

You can also view the Authors site here.


Community Posters Rewarded

Published on Nov 16, 2006   //  News Worthy

We have setup the community forums to now reward our members for posting. Each post or reply will be rewarded with a point. You can redeem your points for hosting or domain names through the forum store.

Our community forum can be found here.

Handy Backup Review

Published on Nov 14, 2006   //  Reviews

Handy Backup 

I am sure we have all heard it before, a friends hard drive crashed and all the files they had are now gone. You think wow that must really suck but of course that would never happen to my own machine. Well a hard drive will eventually crash it is not a question of if but more a question of when.

Thinking more about this I decided to review some of the many off site backup software. From the various solutions out there I found Handy Backup to be very easy to setup and use. The tool takes less then 3 minutes to setup for the essential files I need to backup. For me that was everything in My Documents folder and my Outlook .PST file.

I also like how there is an option to compress the files and encrypt them so that if you have secure details in those files you do not have to worry about someone getting into your files that should not. I also selected it to do an incremental backup, which means that it will only update the newest files which means the process will be that much quicker each night.

This tool makes using your space that you purchased for hosting more effective if you do not require the entire space for your site. Handy Backup has a 30 day trial version you can try for free. I suggest you test it out and save yourself a lot of grief the day your own hard drive fails.

AJAX Webmail Client Added

Published on Nov 10, 2006   //  Development


As cPanel is no longer supporting Neomail we have been on the look out for something to replace it. As we searched and tested we found roundcube to be the best of all the products available to work on a cPanel server. We currently have roundcube running on our newest shared Unix server and will be implementing it across our other servers in the coming months. If you are a current customer and wish to have roundcube installed on your server then open a ticket with our support.

To learn more about roundcube you can vist there site here.

New Servers in Vancouver

Published on Nov 6, 2006   //  News Worthy

Data Center

We have found an excellent data center in the downtown Vancouver area. Our new servers will be placed in this data center as they come online. We will also be retiring some serves in Texas and moving customers to the new Vancouver location. You will receive advanced notice of this move and we do not anticipate any down time during the moves.

The new data center is adds the 5th location we can provide shared hosting. The others being Texas, New York, Seattle, Montreal. In the coming months we will be adding Managed Colocation services to our list of services in the Vancouver location.

If you are a current customer and wish to be moved over to one of the new servers in Vancouver please email migration@bluefur.com.