Community Forums online

Published on May 19, 2006   //  News Worthy

We have created our forums to build a community atmosphere for our customers. We believe that the opinions of our customers are an important factor in the growth and improvement of our services. We encourage you to join and participate in these forums.

Our community forum can be found here.

Looking for a few good partners

Published on May 18, 2006   //  Development


We understand that one of our customers goals is to get a great looking site designed that works for them. As we do not provide web services we are now looking for partners who can provide the following services:

  • Web Design
  • PHP Scripting
  • Logo Design
  • ASP Scripting
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Ruby on Rails Scripting
    • Content Writing
    • CGI Scripting
    • Flash Design
    • Script Integration

    We are looking for best in breed partners to provide the above services to our customers. Our customers will be able to access the resources through our customer resource center and find a local provider.

    If you are interested in joining you can read more information here.