New Domain Name Tools

Published on Apr 26, 2006   //  Development


We have finished building two new domain tools to make it easier to find the domain(s) that you want.

Domain Name Twist
Enter a keyword or two that you are searching for. Our wizard will twist your keyword(s) using a thesaurus to see what domains are available to be purchased.

Bulk Domain Names
Enter up to 25 domains you are searching for and our online wizard will automatically search to see if your domains are available to be purchased.

Domain Name Hook
With many domains becoming available every day, the domain you want can be hooked by our automated tool. Our tool will monitor the domain for availability around the clock and purchase it immediately when it is available.

All of these tools can be found at our site.

Canada on Rails – YVR06 Conference

Published on Apr 4, 2006   //  Development

For those that are interested in learning more about Ruby on Rails this will be an excellent conference to attend.

On April 13th – 14th, Canada on Rails will host 15 speakers from around the world in Vancouver to speak on everything to do with the hugely successful Ruby on Rails framework.

YVR06 is the first ever Ruby on Rails conference in the world, showcasing keynote speakers as – David Hanssson, creator of Ruby on Rails; Thomas Fuchs, creator of; Dave Astels, author of Jolt Award winning “Test-driven Development: A Practical Guide”; David Black, Ph.D., future author of “Ruby for Rails: Ruby techniques for Rails developers”; Joe O’Brien, an agile developer with ThoughtWorks; James Adams, Ph.D., creator of the highly successful Engines framework for Ruby on Rails.

Registration can be done at the Canada on Rails site or at the front desk. Prices starting at $250 an up.