Failover Hosting

Published on Feb 28, 2006   //  Development

We are a few days away from launching a new service called failover hosting.

Our failover hosting will provide you with a higher up time as it will provide you with a minimum of 2 accounts in 2 separate data centers. The service includes site monitoring to ensure your site is up, if your site is detected as being down your DNS will be updated automatically to update to use the second account (and others if you have more then 2). This service also includes rsync for your files and replication for your databases. Our failover hosting can scale up to 5 accounts on 5 separate servers in different data centers.

This can now be purchased on our main site here.

If you have any questions about this contact our sales staff  at

Techvibes Massive 2006

Published on Feb 26, 2006   //  Marketing Tips

If you live in the GVRD and did not attend Massive 2005 then you should really block out some time to go down to Science World this year. This is a great opportunity for you to network with other locally techies.

EVENT FORMAT: Go big or go home is our motto. Within a 54,000 square foot, 5000+ attendeees, 175 exhibit booths, 25+ speakers and a 3-level facility, expect to see a variety of interactive activities.

Massive is a three part event that consists of a Tradeshow, Conference, and Networking where attendees are encouraged to explore, learn, and then connect with other business professionals.

LOCATION: World of Science 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

DATE: Tuesday, February 28, 2006  8:00 AM – 7:00 PM

More information on this event can be found here.

Web 2.0 Ready

Published on Feb 24, 2006   //  Development

We have set in motion a plan to have all our Unix servers moving forward to be Web 2.0 ready. We currently have servers for both resellers and shared hosting that have PHP 5, Ruby on Rails and Python installed. If you are currently on a server that is not Web 2.0 ready and wish to be open a ticket with our support staff.

Some have criticized that Web 2.0 is just re-branding of old technology. You will find that the new rich applications you can create using the above languages really can improve the performance of your own site in future.

The Beginning of an Idea

Published on Feb 20, 2006   //  News Worthy

Although this has been done by other hosts in the industry we have wanted to do this for awhile. Our goal for this blog is to provide another form of communication to our existing and future customers. We want people to know what we are up to and were we plan to go.

In the coming months you will find posts from various staff members who will be sharing ideas and innovations that are soon to be or are already a part of what makes us You will find marketing tips for your site online and from time to time just fun things we feel you might enjoy.

…and so begins our journey into blogging.